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Chairman's message 02/12/16

Whilst still reeling from Brexit and Trump, the next big surprise will be NO winning the referendum on Sunday. These unexpected results have unexpected consequences such as a possible return of Tony Blair to front line politics to save Britain from Brexit - generally thought to have been a big mistake - and in the US a vote by the electoral college democrats against President elect Trump on Dec 19th (unfit for office) to allow Hillary into the White House through the back door. Both in the end unlikely to reverse the election results. God knows what will happen here if Renzi loses as the polls predict but maybe Italy will be different and not follow these populist trends which in Austria could soon lead to an extremist right wing President being voted in and Austria out of Europe by referendum. At which point we can’t wait for this annus horribilis 2016 to end. 2017 couldn’t possibly be worse and hopefully will be better – see the end of ISIS…..? But isn’t the predomination of extremist views “déjà vu” – look back at the 1930’s. It seems to be a cycle which needs to take its’ course hopefully this time without needing a world war to shake us to our senses.

Well what’s in store for you this Christmas month – only 2 Esprit events a Carol Evening at the Sporting on the 12th and our Christmas Dinner at Mirò restaurant on the 16th moved from the 15th to allow more members to come but there’s still plenty to keep you busy – IWCT Christmas Bazaar on the 6th, Internations Christmas event on the 13th and several Christmas concerts.

But first a quick word about last month’s events. Remembrance Sunday has added significance every year with, in addition to remembering those who died in battle, we should also remember the many past Esprit members no longer with us - now nearly 20 since 1980. We thank Pastor Davide Olearo for leading us and Joe for arranging this. The Jazz Club for the pub evening continue to put on free concerts of talented musicians in a friendly atmosphere although not many members came (2). The Pittara exhibition surprised for the quality of the paintings and the guide and the Chinese Dinner lived up to expectations showing you can still eat a full and tasty meal for less than €15/head. Thanksgiving was celebrated the same night by the IWCT attended for the Esprit by Joe. A fully blown American style turkey dinner was served plus starter, sweet and wines for €35 giving us ideas for an English Christmas Dinner there for next year…. . Read on for details……

Esprit Group on Roman Bridge Pont St Martin 02/10/2016

Lunch at Osteria dell'Oca
Aosta 02/10/16

What we do?

We organise typically 3 events a month, a pub evening often at the Jazz club, a cultural visit in or around Turin and a monthly dinner. 

Our monthly newsletters include details of the Esprit events  and also news of activities offered by other expat clubs and organisations and by Turin including concerts. The current and past newsletters can be found on our Newsletters page.

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