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Chairman's message 30/03/17

Things seem to be going from bad to worse with the Trump presidency who in spite of his failures seems unstoppable. His travel ban v2 is still suspended by the courts, he failed to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare which in 3 years would have removed 21 million Americans from those covered by insurance and his crazy tweets about Obama phone tapping him have been denied by the FBI. Any normal president with such a loss of credibity would be shouted down and advised to resign but he gains strength somehow from these failures. His approval rating is less than 40% but he is convinced enough support him to continue and to put into practise some of his election promises the latest of which being “to end the War on Coal”. America should be setting the example environmentally not be the laughing stock and criticised worldwide. This week’s Time Magazine cover says it all with the headline “IS TRUTH DEAD” in a sombre black background referring to the lies Trump makes to support his arguments.

Regarding Brexit, yesterday was a historic day for the UK and Europe with Article 50 triggered by Theresa May, officially starting divorce proceedings after 44 years. This break away from Europe is being compared to Henry VIII’s separation from the Church of Rome back in 1534. In fact it could be just as traumatic but hopefully with less bloodshed. The papers looked back over the past 44 years eventful, difficult but generally positive for trade, prosperity and collaboration. In fact the latest YouGov poll shows the younger generation of 18-24’s are convinced Eurofiles (65% remainers) whereas the over 65’s are the reverse (62% leavers). They need to die off before things change for the better although by then (20yrs time ??) it will probably be too late to reverse this decision..

Last month our cultural visit to the “Futurism and the return to the old order” exhibition was very interesting for the beautiful paintings of the latter period on display, some captured by Peter on his Iphone 7. High spot of the day was the fantastic oriental buffet lunch for only €9.90 for all you can eat. A new pub was tried and the pizzeria in Piazza Bodoni also, now under new management although space and quality is much better at the Sporting.

This month is short due to Easter on the 16th and the April 25th/May 1st holidays. So we decided to drop the monthly dinner on the 28th and combine the Cultural Visit to the Titanic exhibition on the 12th with a buffet lunch at the Imbarco Perosino by the river as our main monthly event. You may come to both or just for lunch as you prefer. The pub night will be at the Jazz Club on the 6th for a free concert by a Bulgarian quartet. Read on for details……

Titanic exhibition comes to Turin

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We organise typically 3 events a month, a pub evening often at the Jazz club, a cultural visit in or around Turin and a monthly dinner. 

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